Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Conversation


Every time we meet, the picture is complete.
Every time you smile, the feeling is divine.


A glance from you makes the sun shine on me,
Your thought makes me laugh even in a melee.


You are all I ever need to fall in love again.
I knew it from the very start, you are the queen of my heart.


But alas the bus has been missed, it was ten years ago that he and I first kissed. You came along a tad too late, by that time I'd already found my soul mate.


And so I realise that I should move on in life and not whine;
and hope that one day I reach a stage when your happiness becomes mine.

(Not written entirely by me)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Snap Judgement

The Golden Dragon,

I was just about to dig into my lobster, when I spotted them. Sitting in the corner, overlooking the Arabian sea, they had the best table in the restaurant.

I would have put them as one of the many young couples that form a major chunk of the clintele of the place, but her chooda gave it away.

He played the role of the doting husband to a tee. From folding the napkin and setting it on her lap to reading out the menu to her, he did it all.

For someone like me who is not given into maudlin display of emotions, I found it quite nauseating. I set my gaze to the vast body of water beyond them.

Half way into my dessert, I noticed them get up. Her awkward, fumbling walk told me he wasn't just a caring husband. He was her eyes too.

*Chooda is a kind of bangle that is worn by Punjabi women in the recent weeks after her wedding.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Gini and Goldie

There is this website, which tells you where you sit in the list of the richest people in the world. I entered the annual income of the Francis family and was happy to find that we lie in the top 7% in the world. My joy was short lived when Goldie told me that she was in the top 0.7% of the world! Now Goldie is younger than the youngest Francis (that would be me!) and still earns more than all of us put together! It didn't feel very good. I mean someone whom I have beaten in every semester of engineering, doesn't deserve to earn that much more than us!!

That is when I read about the Gini coefficient. Some background on that. A Gini coefficient of 0, means everyone in a country earns the exact same amount. On the other hand, a Gini coefficient of 100 means that all the wealth of the nation is earned by a single individual. (which made me wonder as to what would be the Gini coefficient of a one individual nation!)

Getting back, countries like Sweden and Denmark have Gini coefficients of 30, the lowest in the spectrum. India on the other hand, like most developing countries has a Gini coefficient of 45. But the catch is that, if you look at the world as a whole, it has a Gini coefficient of 70!

Which goes to tell you that how much you earn doesn't depend on the skills and intellect you possess, but rather on the geography where you work!

There you go Goldie :P

Goldie, is a very eligible Kokanastha Brahmin, currently living the American dream. And she has the memory span of a goldfish!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Hither Thither

~ So I have this 14 day Diwali vacation. And a lot of my friends from college keep asking me as to how I am spending my time. For a person who can sleep 15 hours a day, you really don't need to have a plan on how to spend your 14 day vacation!

~ When I came back home after my third semester, I weighed 78 kilos. That is the leanest I have been in a decade. My mom took it as a personal challenge to get me back to my normal self. 10 days and 8 kilos later, I think she has comfortably won.

~ Diwali has just got over and as has been the trend since the last few years, there was less of noise and more of light this year too. I read somewhere that Diwali is called the festival of light, because that is precisely how your wallet feels after you purchase firecrackers!

~ I went to the opthalmologist to get my eyes tested. Keeping in trend with our inflationary environment, my eye number has also jumped up by 50%. It is at a scary negative 4.50 now! Scary because it reminds me of an incident where a friend of mine turned down a guy she really liked just because he had a negative 6. Can you believe that? Her argument was that since she was a negative 7, their kids would be born blind! Dear reader, such a crazy woman exists and she blogs here

~ I have this free messaging scheme, but on festivals I am charged a buck per message. So in order to circumvent this and still wish people, I send them messages a day early, which reads something like

"I though I'd wish the very special people first, so here goes - Happy Diwali :)"

Monday, 24 October 2011

Capstone Business Simulation Tips

Since it has become fashionable for most B schools to have the Capstone simulation, here are some tips and tricks that might help you to crack the game.

1. Introduce all your new products in year 1 itself.

2. Compete in 3-4 segments only. Don't compete in all 5!

3. Exit the performance segment. The margins are low.

4. Have 3 products in the low segment and time their introduction in such a way that you have a new version in the market, every 4 months.

5. Automate as soon as possible. The ideal automation levels are (10-low, 8-traditional, 7-rest)

6. Use conservative forecasts in the marketing tab and optimistic ones in the production tab. This will help you to not be at the mercy of Big Al.

7. $1400 is all you need to maintain your promotion levels at 100%

8. Spend $5000 per employee on recruitment costs and 80 hours of training, right from the first week itself.

9. In TQM, spend $1500 on each activity for the first three weeks.

10. In labor negotiation, be at the upper end on all aspects. This way you will hurt your competitors the most.

Post Script - If you found these helpful (or otherwise), please click on the ads. It will go a long way in helping me recover my tuition fees! ;)

Post Post Script - My site content is found to be inappropriate by the Google Ads guys. Ya whatever!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Queen Bee v/s Me

I think it was exactly eleven days back. As per routine, I got up at five thirty in the morning. Around twenty minutes after both my roomies had just gone to sleep. I walked out of my room and to my surprise, or horror rather, there was this huge bee hive that sprung out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the night before.

This is what I saw

A closer look

It disgusted me. I was once stung by a bee when I was four and the sting lasted for around a week. I immediately ran down to the warden and complained about the bee hive. He gave me the most obscure but irrefutable reason. He told me in chaste Hindi that if he calls the pest control guys, all the bees will die. And that since I don't have the right to give life, I shouldn't have the right to take life as well. He also gave me a lecture on karma and how paap lagega if I kill the bees.

Little did he know that he was speaking to a guy who has had 21 non vegetarian meals a week for most of his life. And so I finally decided to take matters in my own hands. These were my weapons

So for the next few days, with the help of my rolled up newspaper and Chinese fly electricutor, I was smashing and frying bees all day. I used to average around 20 bees a day. My life had got a new purpose. I felt good. It was the queen bee against me and this was one battle I was determined to win.

Until one day when I read that the queen bee lays 3,000 eggs a day.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Alaskan Trivia - Things you may not have known about the Land of the Midnight Sun

~ In Barrow, Alaska, the longest day starts May 10th and lasts 3 months. The longest night starts on November 18th and continues for 2 months.

~ Alaska offers 0.93 square mile for each resident. In comparison with 0.003 sqaure mile offered by New York!

~ Alaska has more than 33,000 miles of coastline. It is more than all of the combined coastline of the entire continental United States of America.

~ Totaling over 3 million lakes, Alaska houses over 40% of USA's fresh water.

~ Very surprisingly, Alaska's state sport isn't snow skiing, ice skating or even fishing. It is dog mushing!

~ Juneau is the capital of Alaska. Not Anchorage or Fairbanks!

~ Alaska's flag was designed in 1926 by a 13-year-old Native American boy, Bennie Benson, from the village of Chignik. Bennie received a 1,000-dollar scholarship and a watch for his winning entry in the flag design contest.

~ The name Alaska is derived from the Aleut word "Alyeska", meaning great land.

~ On March 30, 1867, the United States agreed to purchase Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million dollars, about two cents an acre; "Seward's Folly" many called it, after Secretary of State William H. Seward. A check for $7,200,000.00 was issued on August 1, 1868 and made payable to Edouard de Stoeckl, the Russian Minister to the United States.

~ At their closest Alaska and Russia are 2.5 miles apart – the distance between Little Diomede Island, Alaska, and Big Diomede Island, Russia.

And that's me!

Friday, 24 June 2011

My Reading List

Mumbai - Delhi
Delhi - Toronto
Toronto - Vancouver

My companions

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows
Aunts aren't Gentlemen - P G Wodehouse
Liar's Poker - Michael Lewis
Only Time Will Tell - Jeffrey Archer
The Thing Around Your Neck - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Till we meet again. Adios

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Goodbyes are Difficult

Lavale, Pune.
March 30, 2012.

Today marks the end of two great years of my student life. I don't think I have the ambition or the talent to pursue a doctorate and so my student life has all but ended. Today. I said my final goodbyes to 12 of my closest friends, who were more like family.

Each one of them said the same thing.

"Bye Shawn. Please keep in touch."

And my response was the same.

"Even if I tried, I'd find it difficult, not to"

Today marks the end of two great years of my student life. Today, I crossed my fingers 11 times.

Friday, 17 June 2011


I've been playing Housie for years now. But it was on the 20th of May that for the first time I managed to win something. We played it as part of a team building exercise. The fact that three others also won the 'Jaldi 5' is of little significance. So also the fact that only 11 people played.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Girl Ahead

The exam was scheduled to begin at nine in the morning. At eight thirty, I was already in my seat. Mentally flipping through every page of the five books that I had been studying from, on and off, for the past three months. I was, as usual, one of the first candidates in the examination hall. That’s the way it’s been all my life. I’d rather be half an hour early, than half a minute late.

My digital watch told me that there were still seven minutes to go when I saw her walk in. There were two vacant seats in the hall. One ahead of me and the other, right in the corner of the room. Under normal circumstances I would hope that she takes the nearest seat. But today did not quite qualify as 'normal'.

As luck would have it, she sat in front of me. I closed my eyes momentarily and tried to focus on the job at hand. With three minutes remaining for the start of the exam, she took out two HB pencils from her pocket and rather nonchalantly, began sharpening them.

No matter how inconsequential the exam or how well prepared I am for it, three minutes before an exam, you wouldn’t find me sharpening my pencils. I wouldn’t be able to do that for dear life. And that’s when I realized, that she may or may not win the war against finance, but she sure did win the battle against her nerves. The girl ahead.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Vacation Blues

After a really long time I am staring at a vacation in which I have nothing to do. No places to visit. No friends to catch up with. No exams to prepare for. No movies to watch. My internship ends on the 10th of June and college doesn't start till the 22nd. 11 long days that I am dreading.

I've managed to lay my hands on a book called 'The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'. It has all the 5 books of the hitch hikers series rolled into one massive paperback. I am not really a fan of science fiction, but then again I have limited choices. I plan to blog a bit too. I like writing. Though it doesn't come naturally to me. And I always feel that my sentences are too short and abrupt. And that I start too many sentences with and. But writing has a cathartic feeling that I can't explain or reason. And that is why I write.

In case you are wondering about the picture, that is the view from my house. I clicked it because I liked the cloud formation. I can stare at clouds for hours. Watching them form weird shapes.

"More than just yearly rituals in which we connect with friends and family, vacations are also exercises in self-definition. In affording time away from the demands of everyday life, vacations disclose what people choose to do rather than are required to do." - Cindy Aron

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Why Kohli is NOT the next Yuvi

The similarities between the two of them are striking. Both made a name for themselves in the U 19 World Cup wins for India. Both made their ODI debut at the age of 19. Very talented batsmen, they both can more than roll their arm over and are live wires in the field. Ray Jennings, the coach of Royal Challengers Bangalore, once said that Virat Kolhi thinks ‘he is God’s gift to cricket’. Yuvraj Singh has an ego the size of a football field. Virat Kolhi is good looking. Yuvraj Singh thinks he is good looking. And I could on. But that is not the point of this post.

Yuvraj Singh is my book, the most talented cricketer in the modern era, by a mile. But 11 years of international cricket and he has little to show, that would back my claim. Yes he did hit six sixes in an over, but then again, that was just an over. For a large part of his career, Yuvraj Singh has been annoyingly inconsistent. And he hasn’t managed to hold on to his place in the Indian side, just as he hasn’t managed to hold on to any girl who ever dated him. The only time he performs well is when he is really fired up (Flintoff would vouch for that) and so right one sure way to get him to perform is to drop him every alternate series.

Virat Kohli on the other hand has gone from strength to strength. Ever since making his ODI debut he hasn’t looked back. Whatever opportunity he has got, he grabbed it with both hands. When MS Dhoni benches (his favourite) Raina and plays Virat instead, you know the kid has got talent (and temperament). Another impressive thing about Virat is that he doesn’t play to the gallery. He plays responsibly and I can’t quite recall the last time he got out playing a rash shot in international cricket.

Today, in the absence of Daniel Vettori he captained his side in the IPL. A side which has a former international captain in Chris Gayle and in Zaheer Khan, one of India’s shrewdest bowlers. A side which Ray Jennings is still the coach of. He showed willingness to take the onus on himself and bowled the penultimate over to a certain Yusuf Pathan. He did go for 13 runs, but that is of little significance. What matters was that he wasn’t afraid to a make a fool of himself. As Shane Warne would tell you, that is the quality of a great leader. And ya, when Saurabh Tiwary was cramping, he put on his pads and rushed on to the field to run for the Dhoni look alike.

This morning in the paper I read a quote from Yuvraj Singh, in which he said he wanted to use the tour of West indies to cement his place in the Test team. After 11 longs years of cricket, he is still not a certainty in the test side. I don’t know where Virat Kohli will end up after 11 years on the International circuit. But one thing is for sure. He would have cemented his place in the test side. Most probably as the captain.

Post Script: Kohli also gave us the quote on the world cup when he said something like 'Sachin has carried the burden for Indian cricket for 21 years and it’s time we carried him on our shoulders'

Tweets of the Week:

Barack Obama - The first black man that has ever had to convince the world he did do the killing.

Parallel lines have got so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet.

Microsoft has bid $5 Billion for Skype...Obviously nobody told them they can download it for free from the website.

If you have the time:
Do read this. Harsha Bhogle interviewing Shane Warne, one of the greatest cricketers ever.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Why Osama's Death Disappoints

For a person who has grown up on a diet of Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardener and the like, Osama's death in his hideout in Abbottabad has been really disappointing. For the past three days I have been reading several newspapers and columns online. I have read almost every article which has anything to do with Mr. Laden. But, alas, there hasn't been anything interesting on offer.

Considering the fact that he was the most wanted man on Earth, he lived a pretty ordinary life. I mean there was nothing that I read about his life post 2001 that made me go 'wooow'. Yes, he only gave instructions verbally and had a courier to relay his messages. But that is expected. Considering the technology that the US forces have at their disposal, you wouldn't expect Osama to take the chance of calling his aides or tweeting them. Yes, he burnt all his garbage. But the most amateur of criminals do that.

The point I am trying to make, is that his house didn't even have a secret room. Or a secret tunnel for that matter. Leading all the way back to the hills of Afghanistan where he could once again live safely. For a man who has plotted and schemed all his life, with the precision of a surgeon, Osama 's death was a huge anti climax. And a great disappointment. If it did happen in the first place, that is. If there is anything I don't take seriously, apart from my sister's advice, it is an American President speaking just before his re election.

Post Script : Of all the jokes doing the rounds of the Internet after his death, I like this tweet the best.

"Now that Osama is dead, can I carry my 125ml shampoo with me?"

Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Kiss and Deja Vu

So 'The wedding' is finally over. And they kissed! And it gave me a sense of deja vu. It so resembled this! The balcony, the needless hype that followed it and the fact that RCB uniform so resembles what the Prince is wearing.

Was surfing channels yesterday and caught about 4 minutes of 'V Beauty and the Geek'. That's all I could take. Left me wondering though. I couldn't figure who the beauties were. Everyone on the show, host included, looked absolutely hideous!

Air India pilots have decided to strike yet again. I don't know what more they want this time round and I don't really care. But I've always found the profession to be highly over rated. When an auto pilot button does 95% of your job, you don't warrant a 39 lakh an annum package!

I'll end with a tweet from Sanjay Manjrekar which perfectly sums my views on all the hype surrounding the wedding.

"u can ignore everything about the royal wedding, if u want to, but as indians lets learn one thing from the event...discipline !"

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lokpal and Lalit's pals

~ I have been getting a lot of mails from people with attachments containing an entire bio data of Anna Hazare. The only Annas these people knew either dated Enrique or served the best Madrasi filter coffee, but thanks, I knew about Mr. Hazare a long before the Lokpal farce; oops fast.

~ I don't think half of my Facebook 'friends' attending the 'online fast' have even gone through the draft of the bill. I mean why would you want Nobel prize winners and Magsaysay award winners to head a committee which has absolute powers and zero accountability. I mean these daft scientists and writers are the barmiest kinds of people you would ever come across. I agree you need clean people, but a little pragmatism would not do any harm.

~ I happened to catch the IPL opening ceremony on television. I agree it wasn't spectacular but to have every newspaper attribute the unattractiveness of the opening ceremony to the lack of Mr. Modi's presence in the IPL is giving the genius of a man a little undue credit. One newspaper even attributed the lack of DLF maximums to the fact that Modi isn't part of IPL anymore.

~ The Kochi team has given us a great lesson in general knowledge. For all of us who thought that Kochi was a part of Kenya, we are reminded by Mr Dhaval Shah that it is Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

~ Talking about the tuskers, they have the awesomest team ever. In Sreesanth and Sir Ravindra Jadeja they have two proven match winners. Mahela and VVS are the quickest run getters in this format of the game. And in Gomez they have unearthed the all rounder India was looking for, for such a ling time.

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Fracture is easily one of the best movies I have ever seen! I haven't seen those many movies, but of all I have, this one surely tops the list.

Here are my favourite dialogue from the movie:

Judge Gardner: "You know what nobody understands about certain kinds of low pay public service work, every now and then you get put a fucking stake in a bad guys heart. I'm not supposed to talk about that when I visit third grade classes for career day and it doesn't get you very far in the country club locker room, but its hard to beat when you actually get to do it."

Ted Crawford: "I used to candle eggs at his farm. Do you know what that is? You hold an egg up to the light of a candle and you look for imperfections. The first time I did it he told me to put all the eggs that were cracked or flawed into a bucket for the bakery. And he came back an hour later, and there were 300 eggs in the bakery bucket. He asked me what the hell I was doing. I found a flaw in every single one of them - you know, thin places in the shell; fine, hairline cracks. You look closely enough, you'll find that everything has a weak spot where it can break, sooner or later."

Willy Beachum: It happens right? People wake up, it's not impossible.
Nurse: What're you gonna do, keep asking the same question different ways so you get the answer you want?
Willy Beachum: I guess. That's what I do.
Nurse: Hmm, I knew I should've gone to law school.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Gathering - Anne Enright

I haven't read the entire book, but I did manage to read a few excerpts from various blogs and this particular paragraph from the book, is one of the best I've ever read.

“There are so few people given to us to love. I want to tell my daughters this, that each time you fall in love it is important, even at nineteen. Especially at nineteen. And if you can, at nineteen, you can count the people you love on one hand, you will not, at forty, have run out of fingers on the other. There are so few people given to us to love and they all stick.”

Yes...They all stick...

Here is another one -

“There is something wonderful about a death, how everything shuts down, and all the ways you thought were vital are not even vaguely important. Your husband can feed the kids, he can work the new oven, he can find the sausages in the fridge, after all. And his important meeting was not important, not in the slightest.”

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Malaka Spice - 4/5

Lane 5,
Koregaon Park,

If you are one who likes to try out different kinds of cuisines, then Malaka Spice is the perfect restaurant for you. Located in the heart of Pune, this restaurant takes fine dining to an all new level. Malaka spice has three different kinds of seating arrangements. You can either choose to sit in the normal air conditioned dining hall, with fine interiors.

Or you can sit outside under a canopy amongst the trees as shown in the picture on the left.

The third type of seating tries to bring out the "street" feeling. With chairs laid out near a handcart bar and close enough to the open kitchen where you can smell the aromas of fish being grilled, this was the place that I chose to sit.

The first thing that impressed me about the restaurant was the tagline. South East Asian inspirations - it said. It didn't claim to be the authentic south east Asian restaurant like many others do and then leave patrons like me disappointed. The food though very south east Asian, was also made keeping the Indian customer in mind and so the fish wasn't fried in pork fat and the tanginess of the curries was a little subdued. But it tasted great none the less.

We settled for the buffet, like we always do. Buffets are great value for money. The buffet includes 5 starters each, both vegetarian and non vegetarian. We had prawn, chicken, lamb, fish and turkey! The starters were served on wooden sticks, which reminded me of China and Bangkok! After eating starters for the best part of two hours, this is how our plates looked!

We ordered cocktails to go with the food. I settled for a 'Knight in White Satin'. It is a mock tail with coconut juice as the base. I generally always go for a Pina Colada but the exotic name made me try this one. Priced at hundred bucks, the mocktails are a steal. The cocktails are slightly more expensive at 250 bucks a drink, but it is money well spent! And ya, that is my room mate, Vinay Kuruvilla. The other two drinks are Long Island Ice Tea and Pina Colada!

After the starters, followed tempura, which is a Japanese dish of seafood and meat, battered and crisply fried! Tempura was followed with a tangy soup, which went by the name of curry mee. Which was followed by Singaporean noodles. Honey fried noodles with vanilla ice cream was for dessert! Priced at 500, this is by far the best buffet I have been to in Pune.

Some other things about the restaurant:

~ On each table, they have this 'know your host' card, which has a caricature of your host for the night, followed by a small description about him. It is the first time that I have seen anything like this and I was impressed!

~ The owner of the restaurant is an art connoisseur and so there is an art gallery on the first floor of the restaurant. In fact, there are canvasses and pieces of art placed all over the restaurant. In the picture accompanying this post is yours truly standing next to the bar, trying his best to not look awkward!

~ Malaka Spice has a relationship manager, who comes to your table every now and then to enquire if all's well. I always thought that relationship managers should either be great looking women (you know what I mean) or very fluent speakers, if not both. The RM at Malaka Spice was a middle aged man who stammered. That was the only let down during the entire evening!

~ And ya, Malaka Spice has a small souvenir shop which houses tees and mugs and keychains and every other thing you would expect a souvenir shop to have, with Malaka Spice written on it! Not quite sure if anyone actually buys such stuff!

Final Verdict: Paisa vasool and a must visit in Pune!

Warning: The service is slightly slow, cause the assumption is that you have come there to absorb the atmosphere and all that jazz. The starters could never keep pace with us!

'Pose' Script: This is a picture of Deepak, my second room mate. The post looked kinda incomplete without him!

Friday, 18 February 2011

When WC is World Cup and not Water Closet

Yes, it is World Cup time. And the sports section of Times of India has gone from 3 sides to 6 sides. That is a 100% increase and it quite resembles the growth in my monthly expenditure. But coming back to cricket and the World Cup. The papers are full of headlines as to how this is India's best chance to win a World Cup and all that jazz. I don't quite remember when I started reading the newspaper, but what I do remember is that these very same headlines repeat every four years.

The only major difference is that this year India has managed to win its warm up games. And so instead of 'India not in the danger of peaking too early', the headlines are more along the lines of 'Momentum will carry India to World Cup victory'.

The only positive I see in all this hype is that the poor 1983 World Cup winners get their share of attention every four years. We have read articles about how there was so little money in cricket in those days and that our Cricket Board needed a Lata Mangeshkar concert to bail them out of the financial mess so that they could pay the 1983 boys their wages. India cricket today has become a river of gold and I don't blame Kapil's boys for dipping their hands in every now and then.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

7 Most Hyped Things!

1. Celebrations: Whether it is a birthday or a festival or New Years' for that matter, I find celebrations over-the-top and to an extent, even unwarranted. I've never felt the need to party just because it happened to be the first day of the year or the 25th of December.

2. GPAs: Grade Point Averages are as hyped as anything I've ever seen. People make a really big deal about it. Apart from probably a few companies, I don't think the rest even bother with GPAs. And if anything, it only helps you get your first job. Nothing beyond that.

3. Bean bags: If you drive around Mumbai for half an hour, you will see bean bag graffiti all over construction sites and bridges. You just can't miss it. When I finally got a chance to sit on one, it hardly lived up to the hype.

4. Music: HYPED. Period.

5. Goa: I've been to Goa once and I really liked the place. I do plan on going there once more may be. But that's it. I've known people who've been to Goa like 10 times. If beaches are what you want, then some places in Karnataka have the most pristine beaches I've seen. And apart from alcohol, everything in Goa is simply too expensive.

6. Friendship: I think in life at any given point, we can have no more than 7 good friends. The rest are just glorified acquaintances.

7. US of A: Been there twice and there is nothing so great about it. Singapore is cleaner, Europe has more history, China can wow you instantly, Cuba has the girls and Africa the home-like feeling. America is hyped. Just like everything else on this list.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Shawn's Life's Fundas

Shawn’s Life’s Fundas – written on the last page of his notebook!

"These are my principles and if you don't like them.....well I have others."

- Groucho Marx

#1 Never get so attached to a person, that you cannot say goodbye without turning back.

#2 Never let circumstances dictate your behaviour.

#3 Your best friend, is after all, another human being.

#4 Tomorrow will have worries of its own.

#5 Unforgiveness is like consuming poison and hoping that the other person dies.

#6 An open door isn’t reason good enough to enter the house.

#7 Timing, is everything, in life.

#8 Time heals everything.

#9 Don't depend on someone else to make you happy.

#10 The first mover advantage is over rated. In the end the market share is captured by the best and not the fastest.

#11 The importance of a decision and the emotions involved while making it, should be in inverse proportion.

#12 Life is all about prioritisation.

#13 There are no good decisions or bad decisions. There are only decisions you regret and decisions you don't!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Battle Within - Part 2

Computer engineering introduced me to the binary world. And taught me that everything in life was either 1 or 0.

Today management is telling me that a successful person always lives life somewhere in between. "Balance" is the fashionable word it gives to it.

Engineering is a science. Management an art.

The head says binary. The heart says balance.