Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A Conversation


Every time we meet, the picture is complete.
Every time you smile, the feeling is divine.


A glance from you makes the sun shine on me,
Your thought makes me laugh even in a melee.


You are all I ever need to fall in love again.
I knew it from the very start, you are the queen of my heart.


But alas the bus has been missed, it was ten years ago that he and I first kissed. You came along a tad too late, by that time I'd already found my soul mate.


And so I realise that I should move on in life and not whine;
and hope that one day I reach a stage when your happiness becomes mine.

(Not written entirely by me)


Tulika Jaoria said...

Very nice ,..dint expect this from you .. :)

Gaurav Bansal said...

grt ya ...

Mugdha said...

I'm pleasantly surprised :)