Friday, 4 February 2011

Shawn's Life's Fundas

Shawn’s Life’s Fundas – written on the last page of his notebook!

"These are my principles and if you don't like them.....well I have others."

- Groucho Marx

#1 Never get so attached to a person, that you cannot say goodbye without turning back.

#2 Never let circumstances dictate your behaviour.

#3 Your best friend, is after all, another human being.

#4 Tomorrow will have worries of its own.

#5 Unforgiveness is like consuming poison and hoping that the other person dies.

#6 An open door isn’t reason good enough to enter the house.

#7 Timing, is everything, in life.

#8 Time heals everything.

#9 Don't depend on someone else to make you happy.

#10 The first mover advantage is over rated. In the end the market share is captured by the best and not the fastest.

#11 The importance of a decision and the emotions involved while making it, should be in inverse proportion.

#12 Life is all about prioritisation.

#13 There are no good decisions or bad decisions. There are only decisions you regret and decisions you don't!


arwa said...

Good 1.... Food fr thought.. u.jz gav me an idea fr my post.. ws stuck wit a writers quite sumtym ;))


gud one shawny...i really liked it...

accomodador said...

Very nice !