Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Royal Kiss and Deja Vu

So 'The wedding' is finally over. And they kissed! And it gave me a sense of deja vu. It so resembled this! The balcony, the needless hype that followed it and the fact that RCB uniform so resembles what the Prince is wearing.

Was surfing channels yesterday and caught about 4 minutes of 'V Beauty and the Geek'. That's all I could take. Left me wondering though. I couldn't figure who the beauties were. Everyone on the show, host included, looked absolutely hideous!

Air India pilots have decided to strike yet again. I don't know what more they want this time round and I don't really care. But I've always found the profession to be highly over rated. When an auto pilot button does 95% of your job, you don't warrant a 39 lakh an annum package!

I'll end with a tweet from Sanjay Manjrekar which perfectly sums my views on all the hype surrounding the wedding.

"u can ignore everything about the royal wedding, if u want to, but as indians lets learn one thing from the event...discipline !"

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lokpal and Lalit's pals

~ I have been getting a lot of mails from people with attachments containing an entire bio data of Anna Hazare. The only Annas these people knew either dated Enrique or served the best Madrasi filter coffee, but thanks, I knew about Mr. Hazare a long before the Lokpal farce; oops fast.

~ I don't think half of my Facebook 'friends' attending the 'online fast' have even gone through the draft of the bill. I mean why would you want Nobel prize winners and Magsaysay award winners to head a committee which has absolute powers and zero accountability. I mean these daft scientists and writers are the barmiest kinds of people you would ever come across. I agree you need clean people, but a little pragmatism would not do any harm.

~ I happened to catch the IPL opening ceremony on television. I agree it wasn't spectacular but to have every newspaper attribute the unattractiveness of the opening ceremony to the lack of Mr. Modi's presence in the IPL is giving the genius of a man a little undue credit. One newspaper even attributed the lack of DLF maximums to the fact that Modi isn't part of IPL anymore.

~ The Kochi team has given us a great lesson in general knowledge. For all of us who thought that Kochi was a part of Kenya, we are reminded by Mr Dhaval Shah that it is Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

~ Talking about the tuskers, they have the awesomest team ever. In Sreesanth and Sir Ravindra Jadeja they have two proven match winners. Mahela and VVS are the quickest run getters in this format of the game. And in Gomez they have unearthed the all rounder India was looking for, for such a ling time.