Friday, 3 June 2011

Vacation Blues

After a really long time I am staring at a vacation in which I have nothing to do. No places to visit. No friends to catch up with. No exams to prepare for. No movies to watch. My internship ends on the 10th of June and college doesn't start till the 22nd. 11 long days that I am dreading.

I've managed to lay my hands on a book called 'The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'. It has all the 5 books of the hitch hikers series rolled into one massive paperback. I am not really a fan of science fiction, but then again I have limited choices. I plan to blog a bit too. I like writing. Though it doesn't come naturally to me. And I always feel that my sentences are too short and abrupt. And that I start too many sentences with and. But writing has a cathartic feeling that I can't explain or reason. And that is why I write.

In case you are wondering about the picture, that is the view from my house. I clicked it because I liked the cloud formation. I can stare at clouds for hours. Watching them form weird shapes.

"More than just yearly rituals in which we connect with friends and family, vacations are also exercises in self-definition. In affording time away from the demands of everyday life, vacations disclose what people choose to do rather than are required to do." - Cindy Aron

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Anonymous said...

like :D
expecting msgs n calls in those 11 days :p