Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cleaning my Closet

Horizon (n) - The apparent intersection of the earth and sky as seen by an observer.

“So does the horizon belong to the earth or to the sky”, I asked.

“To neither. And to both”, she replied.

It amazed me as to how something could be a part of two such distinct elements. The sky which stands for ambition, serenity and grace. The rugged ground with all its imperfections. But that is what makes the horizon truly unique. It can effortlessly merge with the ground only to be part of the sky again. I can gaze at it for hours without end and wonder. And still not have an answer as to where it really belongs. Perhaps there isn’t an answer. And that’s why I find the horizon so special and enigmatic....

Saturday, 9 March 2013

I've Lost You...

I've lost you
To the Earth's rotation
To technology's limitation

You say only ten hours separate us, but to me that seems a lifetime
I pray everyday that you get deported, I hope you forgive me the crime

I've lost you
To the greenback's sway
To the bright lights of broadway

Manhattan's sky line and the bustle of Queens have charmed you away from me
And Apple pies and hot dogs win over samosas laden with ghee

I've lost you
To the Earth's rotation
To technology's limitations
I've lost you
To my own ambitions