Friday, 18 February 2011

When WC is World Cup and not Water Closet

Yes, it is World Cup time. And the sports section of Times of India has gone from 3 sides to 6 sides. That is a 100% increase and it quite resembles the growth in my monthly expenditure. But coming back to cricket and the World Cup. The papers are full of headlines as to how this is India's best chance to win a World Cup and all that jazz. I don't quite remember when I started reading the newspaper, but what I do remember is that these very same headlines repeat every four years.

The only major difference is that this year India has managed to win its warm up games. And so instead of 'India not in the danger of peaking too early', the headlines are more along the lines of 'Momentum will carry India to World Cup victory'.

The only positive I see in all this hype is that the poor 1983 World Cup winners get their share of attention every four years. We have read articles about how there was so little money in cricket in those days and that our Cricket Board needed a Lata Mangeshkar concert to bail them out of the financial mess so that they could pay the 1983 boys their wages. India cricket today has become a river of gold and I don't blame Kapil's boys for dipping their hands in every now and then.

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