Saturday, 7 May 2011

Why Osama's Death Disappoints

For a person who has grown up on a diet of Agatha Christie, Erle Stanley Gardener and the like, Osama's death in his hideout in Abbottabad has been really disappointing. For the past three days I have been reading several newspapers and columns online. I have read almost every article which has anything to do with Mr. Laden. But, alas, there hasn't been anything interesting on offer.

Considering the fact that he was the most wanted man on Earth, he lived a pretty ordinary life. I mean there was nothing that I read about his life post 2001 that made me go 'wooow'. Yes, he only gave instructions verbally and had a courier to relay his messages. But that is expected. Considering the technology that the US forces have at their disposal, you wouldn't expect Osama to take the chance of calling his aides or tweeting them. Yes, he burnt all his garbage. But the most amateur of criminals do that.

The point I am trying to make, is that his house didn't even have a secret room. Or a secret tunnel for that matter. Leading all the way back to the hills of Afghanistan where he could once again live safely. For a man who has plotted and schemed all his life, with the precision of a surgeon, Osama 's death was a huge anti climax. And a great disappointment. If it did happen in the first place, that is. If there is anything I don't take seriously, apart from my sister's advice, it is an American President speaking just before his re election.

Post Script : Of all the jokes doing the rounds of the Internet after his death, I like this tweet the best.

"Now that Osama is dead, can I carry my 125ml shampoo with me?"

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