Wednesday, 9 February 2011

7 Most Hyped Things!

1. Celebrations: Whether it is a birthday or a festival or New Years' for that matter, I find celebrations over-the-top and to an extent, even unwarranted. I've never felt the need to party just because it happened to be the first day of the year or the 25th of December.

2. GPAs: Grade Point Averages are as hyped as anything I've ever seen. People make a really big deal about it. Apart from probably a few companies, I don't think the rest even bother with GPAs. And if anything, it only helps you get your first job. Nothing beyond that.

3. Bean bags: If you drive around Mumbai for half an hour, you will see bean bag graffiti all over construction sites and bridges. You just can't miss it. When I finally got a chance to sit on one, it hardly lived up to the hype.

4. Music: HYPED. Period.

5. Goa: I've been to Goa once and I really liked the place. I do plan on going there once more may be. But that's it. I've known people who've been to Goa like 10 times. If beaches are what you want, then some places in Karnataka have the most pristine beaches I've seen. And apart from alcohol, everything in Goa is simply too expensive.

6. Friendship: I think in life at any given point, we can have no more than 7 good friends. The rest are just glorified acquaintances.

7. US of A: Been there twice and there is nothing so great about it. Singapore is cleaner, Europe has more history, China can wow you instantly, Cuba has the girls and Africa the home-like feeling. America is hyped. Just like everything else on this list.


DTox said...

I agree whole-heartedly on your point about Music. It's over-rated; but Goa, hmm, you won't get to hear that from me. Disagreement on that count :D, for very obvious reasons !

Ameya Bhagat said...

Couldn't agree more about Goa and music. USA is hyped coz it lets anyone in the world live there, earn money and have friends. Singapore has strict rules for residents, Europe has racism and limits on immigration, and do you really want to live in China, Cuba or Africa.

Shawn said...


When I said USA is hyped, I meant more as a tourist destination than a place to settle.

Racism isn't that bad in Europe though. And i can't dream of living in Africa or China, but Cuba...hmm...why not. Life would be a 365 day vacation :P ;)

Anonymous said...

I was here :p

Mugdha said...

Music and Friends are not hyped. PERIOD.

Shawn said...

@mughda : Hahaha...a lot of people told me that!

vikram keskar said...

point no 2 makes it clear that this entire list was written by shawn on opposite day.