Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Feeling the October Heat

Undoubtedly the hottest month of the year, October, is here! And to add to that, the MS admission process has just got hotter! My counselor has told me that by October 15th I have to send my admits to at least 3 colleges. That includes getting recommendations from professors, preparing my statement of purpose, reporting my scores etc etc, the list just goes on. The term end is also fast approaching. It is the time when you write so much that you virtually have to buy a new pen everyday and a bundle of sheets every third day. I never knew that the day I got admitted into an engineering college I had relegated myself to being a photo copy machine for the best part of 4 years!

Coming back to MS, my counselor has rejected my Statement of Purpose (for the uniformed, you have to write a 1000 word essay telling those guys why you want to leave your home country and go the US of A for further studies). My counselor says the reasons I made up are very generic. I now plan to write about my 'divide not multiply' (refer to previous posts) logic! I'm sure that will be the 'something different' she is looking for! Another thing she picked on was my introduction of myself. Apparently 'optimistic, super talented, intelligent and diligent' is very common. I now plan to be a wee bit more honest. I have changed the description to 'uncaring, unshaven and can kill for the computer'.

Enough said, I think I should get back to my work now. Loads of assignments and experiments to complete. October has just started and I'm already feeling the heat!

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