Thursday, 2 October 2008

Of bears, blares and bomb scares

Two posts in two days! I guess, I have a lot of free time on hand!

Bears: Ok, so the stock market has taken a total nose dive. After a year of roaring and soaring, it has finally come down to 13K, which incidentally is the mark at which I had invested all of the first significant earnings of my life (from my scholarship, that is). The 100K that I had invested, within 3 months had multiplied 7 fold and I thought I was King Midas. And the strategy was pretty simple you see: If the share is going up, you buy; else, sell. And boy, did it work wonders! Any share I picked would sky rocket and I thought that by the time I would put in my appliations for MS, I would be able to pay for my education too (stop laughing, I told you'll, I am an optimist!). But the way the markets are performing now, I think the only thing I will be able to comfortably pay for, are the postage charges for my applications!

Blares: Navrati has arrived much to the joy of the Gujju public. The sound levels are just unbearable. I mean you should be able to sue people for playing such horrible music so loudly and that too at night! Im so pleased with the High Court ruling of no loud music after 10 pm. I mean, I can bet the judge and I have similar sleeping timings.

Bomb Scares: Delhi, Malegoan and now Agartala, I am afraid the list is far from over. When I collect the newspaper every morning, I no longer look at the front page. I turn straight away to the sports section. The sight of dead bodies and wrecked bikes no longer stirs any kind of emotion in me. Slowly, the average Indian is getting immune to this and now I can imagine what life in the valley must be! All the more reason to pack my bags and head westwards (or northwards, God willing!)

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