Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jerry must die

Some Islamic head has issued a fatwa saying that books and cartoons on Mickey Mouse and Jerry of 'Tom and Jerry' fame should be banned. According to the radical, these cartoons propagate violence and cause permanent damage to a child's psychology! The audience tends to become headstrong, resistive to authority and blah blah. He feels that these cartoons are 'steered by Satan'. Not that I agree with his absurd claims (I am sure not one does), but I am certainly one for Jerry dying. Whenever I watched Tom and Jerry, I was always in the cats corner. Simply because all the fun we had was because of the cat. Whether it was him being sliced into a thousand pieces by a shredder or his tail getting caught in the mousetrap he laid for Jerry, we all laughed but at Tom's expense. But then the world loves to support the underdog and will always do that. Whether it is David and Goliath or any sports game, everyone roots for the underdog. And for that very reason Jerry will always be the hero and Tom the stupid villain. The series will be a super hit because of Tom but Jerry will always walk away with the accolades. But for all the indignity he had to go through and will continue going through, I feel that at least in one episode Tom should win. And yes, Jerry should die!

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N-D said...

Metaphorical?? If yes, then Jerry should be hanged ;)