Friday, 26 September 2008

Introducing ME - Part 1

The fact that I haven’t updated this blog since a week, coupled with a paucity of topics to write on, has compelled me to write an introductory post about myself. It is quite surprising that there have been 13 posts and the self indulgent, self obsessive me hasn’t written about myself, but here goes.

Some trivia about me:

I was to be named Sheldon, but the mono syllablic Shawn was preferred.
I was shy (still am) and used to stammer when little.
I get awkward in the face of true, genuine sweetness.
I have a crooked right little finger.
I believe in chance, soul mates, single moment decisions.
I have been wearing glasses since the age of three.
I was an athlete in primary school and was totally into karate (side splits, front splits hehe).
My favourite sport is football (playing and watching).
I am an absolute sore loser, I just hate losing.
In the last 4 years, I remember losing just 4 bets.
I have a fetish for watches. On last count I had 11 of them.
I have eaten pig, camel, cow, goat, chicken, wild boar, porcupine, deer, octopus, rabbit meat.
Three countries I would like to visit are Peru, Egypt and Japan.
A lot of things I say are just to elicit a reaction.
I haven’t watched Sholay or Andaz Apna Apna completely.
Of all the friends I have, I take the advice of just 3 seriously.
I find it really hard to keep in touch with people.
I get nervous while speaking on the phone.
To an extent, I am quite detached.
My breakfast has been fried eggs, every single day, since the last 17 years.
I envy people who sing well.
The first movie I watched in a theater was Ajooba.
One thing I have gifted the most is earrings.
I prefer sleeping on the ground to sleeping on a bed.
I like coffee more than tea.
I remember cell numbers and dates very easily.
When 2 years old, I got lost at the airport in Singapore and was almost adopted by an English woman before my parents finally found me.
I first travelled by plane when I was 10 days old.
I don't know how to shave.
My favoruite ice cream flavor is choco chips.
My favourtie restaurant is Baghdadi.
I don't have a best friend (never did, never will).
I know how to cook dal, rice, omelette and make lassi.

Can’t think of anything more right now, but will continue with this when I am out of ideas again lol.


Anonymous said...

You are shy, Hilter was kind and Bush the most intelligent of all

Richa said...

Firstly...i knew Half of those do i rate i your friends' rankings now?!
secondly..if you were to be named HAVE to watch BigBangThoery..its an awesome me..ull lafff your head off.(if that were physically possible ofcourse!)..
Besides all this..YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO SHAVE??..and i thot u were plain lazy!lol..and how come i never got a pair of earrings!? :P

Oh..and ajooba was my first movie too!..what a coincidence!lol

Shawn said...

Anything ha! There is no way you knew half of them. You still haven't got over exaggerating na :P
And as for my list of friends, you are right at the top ya! I don't think I have stuck to anyone for 6 yrs besides family :P
Ya i still cant shave or ride a bike for that matter. Drive the car pretty well though
Earrings...hmm you already have so many ya. If I gifted you a pair ud wear them once to please me and then throw them away

As for coincidences there are so many!
1. We both have 10 minute crushes
2. We both have beauty spots on our right hand near the thumb! (i can bet your shocked now)
3. We both are foodies
4. We both are chatterboxes
5. We both love earrings ;)

Oh and ya we both have lovely straight hair ;)

Richa said...

no..Now You dunno summin about me..i NEVER throw away earrings...and i do have a crazy fetish for them btw..Oh and i din't get freaked out abt that beauty spot thingy..i knew you knoew ofcourse..we both have lovely Straight hair..only yours refuses to see the light of the sun :P