Friday, 29 May 2009

It's final, it's Veronica

70 years and a whole lot many comic strips later, the suspense is finally over. Archie has chosen the rich and loaded (in more than one way) Veronica, in favour of the smart and elegant Betty. The move has left a majority of Archie fans shocked. Betty seemed to be the crowd favourite and the popular choice. So I was a bit surprised. But certainly not shocked! I was firmly in Veronica's corner. I have always held that dumb girls are a major turn on. The rich, stunningly good looking, dumb girls, that is. And in choosing Veronica he has just been pragmatic. Besides, Betty will continue playing the part of the perfect friend and so this philanderer can have the best of both worlds.

But what has really surprised me is the unprecedented success that Archie comics has enjoyed. And that is mainly to do with its protagonist, the serial skirt chaser, Archie. The point being that most losers like me identify well with him. Archie is highly average looking, isn't clever nor is he rich and worse still, tries his luck with every other girl. And still the banda has two extremely gorgeous girls at loggerheads with each other, over him. And so people like me think we can do an 'Archie'. It is precisely the reason why so many Archie comic books are gladly lapped up by foolish guys like me. But the sad truth is that Archie, you suck big time and so do I.

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