Monday, 25 May 2009

The Beast

She stood at the junction, visibly frustrated, waiting for the traffic lights to change colour. She seemed to be in a terrific hurry and kept glancing at her wrist watch. I stood behind her and envied as a bead of perspiration found its way down her cheek. She flicked it off in disgust and started fanning herself melodramatically. The ticker told me that I could admire her for a further 82 seconds. She slid her hand down her back pocket, pulled out her phone and checked for a message, more out of habit than anything. She once again looked angrily at the traffic lights. They were in no mood to appease her. She then started toying around nervously with her finger ring. My heart skipped a beat as she suddenly turned back and looked back at me. I smiled. It went by unreturned.

The lights turned amber and I closed in on her from behind. I greedily took in long, deep breaths. It felt wonderful. Green. She quickly mopped her forehead with her handkerchief and proceeded to wriggle her way through the maze of vehicles. Little knowing that the animal had got her scent. The beast had found his next prey!

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