Friday, 15 May 2009

Of hope and second chances

"You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo."
- Eminem, Lose yourself

Right from a very young age I had always been taught that life was about taking your chances and making the most of every opportunity that came your way. Life was supposedly cruel and there was no looking back. There were no second chances in life. It was about making hay when the sun shone and the wretched sun shone just once a day. And then I stumbled upon this crazy song by Eminem, which further strengthened my belief.

But as I complete this phase of engineering, the one major lesson that I have learnt is that life isnt really that bad. It does give you a second chance and at times even multiple chances. Whether it is reputations, relationships or revaluation :P life will always offer you that second chance. You can always start all over again with a clean slate. The so called point of no return doesnt really exist, if you are willing enough to turn back. You can go wrong once, but life is all about second chances.

And it is precisely this fact which will keep me going these next few days, these next few months...


Anonymous said...

now i know...why you insisted on me reading this blog...
But dude what about..

"as does a dog return to his spit...soo does a fool to his folly.."

is the applicability of this statement conditional...?

Shawn said...

it is as a dog returns to his vomit u fool :P

Anonymous said...

that doesnt matter answer is still unanswered...
may be you dont have an answer..
is it..?