Friday, 12 June 2009

Curry Bashing

You have to give it to the Aussies when it comes to naming things/people/incidents. Whether it is calling a barbeque, barbie or the Sydney Harbour bridge, the coat hanger, the Aussies are definitely the best at naming. And to add to that long list of names, we have curry bashing. For the ignorant, the spate of racial attacks against the dark skinned Asians and more specifically Indians, has been dubbed as curry bashing. However, the fact is that unlike England, Australia never had a law against racism, a fact that was conveniently hidden from the students by their counselors. Seeing the behavior of Aussies like Ricky Ponting, this hardly comes as a surprise to many. But then we in Maharashtra have always been two steps ahead. It was lungi bashing first and then bhaiyya thrashing. When we have a problem with our fellow country men coming to our state and grabbing our jobs, I don't think we have any right to point fingers at the Aussies. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Or roam naked either.

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