Friday, 24 July 2009

Juggle me de

Juggling is a physical human skill involving the movement of one or more objects, usually through the air, for entertainment or sport. The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling, where the juggler throws objects through the air.

Juggling has always been my favourite circus act. I, though, am not very good at it. At best I can manage to juggle three balls and that too for not more than 10 seconds. But juggling really fascinates me. And the best part about juggling is that the object really doesn't matter. It could be plain balls, bowling pins or even chainsaws. The very act can keep you so engrossed that you remain oblivious to every other thing happening around you. And then just when you settle into a comfortable rhythm, you add that extra object and repeat the process all over again! That is what's keeping me busy these days. Juggling. Red balls, black balls, tennis balls. Newer ones, older ones. And just when I think I am easing up, I add another ball. Whichever is near at hand.

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