Monday, 13 April 2009


Elections are here and I am absolutely enjoying it. Seeing 80 year olds fight it out in public is something I derive immense sadistic pleasure from. And so here are my favourite 3 politically linked retorts:

1. Narendra Modi (after the IPL was shifted to South Africa): 'Shifting the Indian Premier League to South Africa is a national shame'

Chidambaram: 'I thought the Godhra riots were a national shame.'

2. Sanjay Dutt (taking a swipe at Nirupam) : 'I cannot associate myself with the Congress party. This party has embraced a person like Sanjay Nirupam, who publically abused my father. This hurt him so much and it lead to his death.'

Nirupam: 'I couldn't have hurt Sunil Dutt ji more than his own son.'

And now for the best one!

Mayawati (hinting at Rahul Gandhi): 'Staying in a farmer's house and sleeping with a bullock won't eradicate poverty in Uttar Pradesh. It is just cheap publicity.'

Rahul Gandhi: 'Unfortunately Mayawati is ruling in Uttar Pradesh. Had the Congress party been there, we would have already eradicated poverty and I wouldn't have a dingy place to live in and get cheap publicity.'

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maharani said...

acc. to me d 1st 1 was d best..