Thursday, 2 April 2009

Not quite a fool

I woke up on April 1st with a big smile on my face. I had kept an alert on my cellphone that it was All Fool's Day and so was on my look out for those prank calls. As soon as the paperboy came, I hurriedly browsed through the headlines of the Times of India. Then the Bombay Times. All the headlines seemed genuine enough. As a last resort, I glanced through the Mumbai Mirror. Even that let me down. I was then waiting for some friend to message me a fake exam time table or some relative to tell me that there has been an earthquake in my native village. I waited all day long, but alas, nothing of that sort happened. Looks like the world has become a lot more serious. Looks like people all over have become a lot more mature. And I am absolutely hating it!

Post Script: Happy Ram Navami! Yet another holiday!


ranjani said...

damn! i got fooled twice.. it seems only ur friends r mature..

Anonymous said...

din u look at the mirror??