Wednesday, 22 April 2009


After a one week delay, the Indian Premier League 2 has finally kicked off. A lot of junta was saddened by the fact that the tournament will not be held in India. Not me! I am quite happy with the fact that it is being held in South Africa. Firstly, I don't need to wait for the camera to focus on the cheer leaders. Even the dames in the audience are just as good looking. Secondly, the grounds are so much more picturesque. And thirdly had anything gone wrong in India, the consequences would have been disastrous.

I happened to read a newspaper article which said that the viewership was 15% low as compared to last year. I dont think Modi and Co. will be overly bothered about it. With the television rights already sealed, they are making good money irrespective of the viewership. And it would be foolish to expect the same kind of viewership as the novelty of 20-20 cricket is now wearing off.

Most of the matches so far have been horribly one sided and that certainly won't help the TRPs. I will stick my neck out and put my money on the Delhi Daredevils to win the tournament. They have all the ingredients to make it all the way. Wily Vettori, swashbuckling Sehwag, destructive Devilliers and great (for lack of a better adjective starting with G!) Gambhir should seal it for Delhi!

Post Script: Google beat me 3-0 :( *awwwwwww*

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