Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Maha Shiv Ratri

On the 23rd of February, India will celebrate Maha Shiv Ratri and I will get yet another holiday this month. This is one reason I really love India. We get holidays for the most insane of reasons. I have never bothered to know why and how this festival is celebrated. But a casual conversation with my mother and now I know a whole lot about this festival.

My mother told me that this a festival of mischief. Maha Shiv ratri gave pranksters the license to do whatever they wanted. In her village, teenagers used to sneak into the compound and steal things like pots and buckets which used to be lying outside, unattended. They used to then proceed to write the owners name on the pot with chalk and hide it somewhere nearby. The neighbourhood dogs were also apparently aware of this day. They used to turn a blind eye towards these pranksters and remain blatantly silent during the night. What followed the next day was a sort of treasure hunt. The ladies of the house used to head off in different directions searching for the 'stolen' goods. My mother recited to me many such tales with such excitement that I almost made up my mind to go to my village the next year for this festival and exchange tips with some of these pranksters. But unfortunately, my mother informed me that this doesn't happen anymore. The people of today have started taking offense to such acts. And that is what I feel plagues the world of today. We lack a sense of humour. We are so caught up with the hum drum of daily life that we fail to enjoy it. And we fail to look at the funnier side of things.


shiva scraps said...

Happy Maha Shivratri 2009 (:

Siddhesh Jadhav said...

There is nothing insane about this festival, it is because of ur ignorance that u don't know the purpose of these festivals.
I and my family have a fast on this day and we worship Lord Shiva on this day by going to the temple.
This is a very brief information but surely would inform ur grey cells about this festival.

Shawn said...

1. I never said the festival is insane. I just said that *some* festivals in India have weird reasons for celebration.

2. From your comment, I still couldn't figure out why the festival is celebrated. All you have said is how it is celebrated and not why.

3. Stick to simple English

Siddhesh Jadhav said...

If u really wanted to know the reason, u could have searched it on google before mentioning the reasons as insane, neither did u mention "some" festivals, ur focus was on all festivals. Ur comment of "Stick to Simple English" is irrelevant in this context.