Friday, 6 February 2009


So I don't talk about you anymore
And they say things will be better than before
So I live another day , hoping they are right
But now , I lie awake , this cold February night.

You trusted me without a why
And I said I would never let you cry
You just smiled and did not doubt
My false promises kept the reality out

You should never let go of your dreams
Even when a whisper from me can drown all their screams
I know that to talk of things like this , I have no right
But sometimes you see something only when it is out of sight

When the wolves arrived , you saw me depart
And now , the shards of promises bleed my heart
and When the lady called life loosens her embrace
I , my friend , will want to see your face

P.S.: Not written entirely by me.


Anonymous said...

shawn...this is rlyy nice..dint know u wrote so well...!!

Anonymous said...

shawn...the poet...
the piece nevertheless impressive arises a curiosity that whom is it dedicated to...
is that some1 we know about...i guess yes...
you can choose to be more forthcomin with the name...haha...

but well written anyways...

Anonymous said...

is it true... is shawn really falling for a GIRL!!!!!!!.... now that you have ur celeb quotient risin welll tell me... is the boy really growin out of silly lil boys school pranks ??? ... and turning a lil mushy or is just the same old trick .... either ways...good reading...

Richa said...

Shawn Francis.
"A poem-that too a mushy/lovelorn one- on YOUR blog?!
I never thought the day would come.
My, The silly li'l naive boy has all grown up"

So seriously Shawny boy, cut that deep huh?

Shawn said...

@anon 1:

Thank you, Sadaf. I have a few more facets to my personality. I am not the one dimensional table tennis player who keeps beating you on love :P

@anon 2:

Thanks. Like the rest of the posts, this one too I wrote only for myself

@anon 3:

It's definitely one of the two :P


You are insignificant :P