Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I know this post comes 3 weeks after I have turned 21. But another birthday, another year and some things change but others remain the same.

Things that haven't changed:

- I still cannot ride my bike :(
- I remain the best at cards ;)
- I continue to wear tees with a collar.
- I STILL go to sleep at 10! *geeeeek*
- I continue to depend on the barber to help me shave!
- Baghdadi is still my favourite restaurant.

Things that have changed:

- I have finally stopped getting myself into trouble!
- I now take my car out for drives!
- I have finally stopped listening to Westlife and have turned to songs like 'What I go to school for' and 'Stacy's mom' *thank you goat slayer*
- I started to shop for myself, following the advice of Fort and Horizon.
- I have stopped watching Hindi films in theaters. My choice sucks!
- I can now talk on the phone. My average call lasts for about 20 minutes! *calculator, nautanki, fort, queen N*


nautanki said...

avg call with me doesnt last for 20mins...its not even 2 mins...n yeah..i hv got a strong feeling...you ll be soon going for a hindi movie :-P

*goat slayer* said...

aww shawn..ur most welcum!dn wry il make u d coolest person on earth..lol!