Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Things that I learnt from 'Rock On'

~ Life main compromise toh karna hi padta hai.

~ You can have a palacial house, a wife who is cute, beautiful and sweet all at the same time, a profile that looks strikingly similar to Hrithik Roshan, know the pulse of the stock markets AND STILL NOT BE HAPPY

~ The orchestra at a dandiya concert gets paid Rs. 30,000 per night.

~ You can 'watch' an audio casette.

~ If you are rich and successful, you have to have gotten lucky.

~ If you are Catholic, you roam about in shorts, wear a cross and speak Hindi like Rachel Shelley in Lagaan.

~ Rock band members either have long hair or no hair.

~ Bald guys get good chicks too (!!!!)

~ Anu Malik hasn't changed one bit (he was complimenting Luke on originality!!!)

~ Girls move on faster than guys.

~ Every Hindi movie has to have a song in the first 10 minutes.

~ A storyline of 1 hour can be stretched to more than 2 hours by adding meaningless songs, pauses and flashbacks.

~ The film ka crew is highly optimistic (they expect people to actually buy the CD!! For songs like Sindbad went on a boat and do aur do paanch kyun nahi, aasman geela kyun hai)


darinda said...

HAHAHA...HOHOHOHO HEHEHEHEHE....AWSOME MAN....LOLZZZ...you cud actually break a movie like "rock on"..bhaari crticism...really funny..
but yaa...its not the "audio cassete" sakshi finds in the loft...its a video camera cassete...so tou can obviosly watch it.....
and one more thing ..we included a sakshi-joe love story too..coz she keeps on asking.."tumhara dost joe kahaan hai???"lolzzzz

Shawn said...

achcha video camera cassete tha kya?
dost yeh sab ke bhare mein idea hi nahi hai
u knoe how gawar i am when it comes to technology na...at first i thought ur mobile was a torch :P

yogesh chande said...


Richa said...

Well, firstly..its "palaTial"(I get an opportunity to pick on YOUR language skills, HOW can i pass it up!lol)
secondly as your friend rightly pointed it out..Sakshi finds a VHS..not an audio cassette dumass!
And obviuosly.. i see why that "bald guys get cute chiks too" would have be noticed only by you!lol..
but I dint like the movie either..except for the fact that farhan akhtar is definitely on my hottie list!