Friday, 13 March 2009

Happy Women's Day

It is a woman's world if you ask me and that is precisely why I had previously on this blog written that if given an option I would like to be reborn a woman! The following are the reasons:

- The guy pays the bill.

- The girl gets to choose the movie, the restaurant or the ice cream parlour.

- The guy asks the girl out.

- The guy 'tries' to be funny.

- The guy drives the car.

- A trip to the parlour can make an ugly girl presentable. Ugly guys are screwed!

- The guy walks on the outside of the road and is most likely to be hit by a car.

- The guy has to open doors.

- Even in case of a group, when a girl commits a mistake and fingers are pointed at her, all she has to do is shed those precious tears of hers and all the charges are laid to rest. The guys in the group again 'try' to be funny and make her laugh and all.

- If the traffic cop catches a girl for breaking a signal all she has to do is say, 'Please! Sowwwwieeee' with that cute little smile and he melts.

- Additional term work marks can also be attributed to being a girl.

- What really infuriates me is that even the canteen guy gives the girls more maggi and pulao and all *sob sob*

- Premier institutes have official and unofficial reservations for girls.

- Girls could be dumb and people will still find that cute!

- Girls get all the gifts.

- Girls can be absolutely rude and unreasonable at times and still have a reason for it.

- There is never a shortage of intelligent, rich men.

- Girls can talk their way into getting their assignments done by guys and can butt into a line without people abusing them.

So what is so special about March 8th I ask? Heck, every single day is Women's Day. You'll rule the world! You'll rule OUR world!


*goat slayer* said...

aww shawn..dn fret..being a guy has its advantages as wel..!!

Anonymous said...

hey dude,dont be so biased.. even guys do get more marks than a girl,, dodo...

Anonymous said...

"There is never a shortage of intelligent, rich men."

Seriously?? And how exactly do you define intelligent?