Tuesday, 17 March 2009

25 Random things about me!

So I have been tagged (whatever that is) by Richa, to write 25 random things about myself. Shouldn't be very hard, considering I am very random as a person!

1. I always wear my left shoe before my right one. (It's supposed to be random things ok)

2. I have had all the ice cream and milkshake flavours at 'The Right Place' at Breachcandy.

3. I love changing gears in my car. (Fourth clutch third clutch fourth. Repeat.)

4. I have a fetish for sport shoes and watches. Those are the only things I like going shopping for.

5. My current favourite song is 'Gives you Hell' by All American Rejects.

6. I find good accessories more appealing than good clothes.

7. I bite my nails off. (ewwwwww)

8. I don't celebrate my birthday.

9. I have got 6 stitches on my forehead (a swing hit me) and 8 on my chin (fell from a slide).

10. Of all the countries I have visited, I liked China the best.

11. My shoe size is 11 but I buy size 12 shoes so that I can just slip them on without tying/untying my laces.

12. My favourite cuisine is Chinese.

13. Pina Colada is my favourite mock tail.

14. When I was really little I wanted to be a circus clown. Now I plan to be a tour guide, atleast for some time.

15. I haven't watched more than 10 episodes of FRIENDS.

16. I have been drinking green tea every single day since a year.

17. I have never had Bournvita, Horlicks, Complan or any other health drink ever.

18. I have watched Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge atleast 100 times. (not because I like the movie, but that was the only video cassette at my ancestral home)

19. My favourite reality show is The Amazing Race.

20. I plan to turn vegetarian atleast for a week starting tomorrow.

21. I have eaten 27 rotis at one go at Golden Star Thali.

22. My favourite ice cream flavour is black currant and kulfi is kesar pista!

23. I was an athlete in primary school.

24. The only celebrity whose autograph I have taken is Mohd. Azharuddin.

25. I bathe only in the evenings.

Gosh! That was hard!

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bkd said...

dude point number 8 was not true until ur last birthday. as long as i remember...