Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Her knight in shining armour

Girls, all around the world, have their "ideal match" belonging to one of these four categories. And if you don't, then you are either one of those rare ones or you are simply not honest enough!

Type 1: Mr. Goody Two Shoes

He is this selfless guy, who is supposedly the most caring person in the entire world. The one who would go out of his way to help others. Understanding, genuine, likable and everything else. Someone who would put others in front of himself and all that jazz.

Type 2: The alpha male, Mr. Adonis

He wears a leather jacket, has a pony tail, rides those really huge bikes, has Popeye like forearms with hair curling on them and pumps iron religiously. Did you notice the stubble and his newly acquired accent? Spike bands, wrist bands, studs he wears them all!

Type 3: Mr. Call Center

Girls describe him as "the guy I can spend three entire days with chatting and still not get bored!" Apparently, this guy is someone you can go on talking to and yet not run out of topics. You can tell him everything and he still won't judge you. You can speak to him without the fear of feeling foolish, ashamed or embarrassed.

On a more personal note, I don't such a guy exists! Show me Mr. Call Center and I will show you a unicorn. Promise!

Type 4: Mr. Money Bag

As an honest girl would put it, "I like my guys rich! The richer, the better." And I genuinely feel most of you lasses would like him rich, very rich, but are just not frank enough to admit the fact.
And if I were a girl (which I wish I was! As to why? That is for some other time), my knight's shining armour would certainly be made of gold and platinum with jewels encrusted in it ;)


Boo - K said...

Shawn ya....im really worried about you ya.....u just dont fit in any of those categories...poor poor you :P :P

Richa said...

you haven't described the Categories of guys..what you've done is listed the phases that guys go through in their pursuit to impress a girl...only in jumbled order.Ask any of your freinds in a relationship, and they'd tell you i'm right.Guys wish they were all of those thing..Girls don't.!...

Oh and i can introduce to to a couple o "Call Center" guys.You bettr keep those unicorns ready! :P

vitruvian said...

First off...I really agree with Boo-K..as cliched as it sounds u fit in nowhere shwanie..

secondly...u've got ur concepts wrong boy...u'vr got certain elements right..but the classification on the whole is not good...needs to be further normalized...
this in only the 1st Normal form...