Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Mystified Sanity

~ I just read a tweet which said that there is a marriage breaking amount of sport on television this month. True! The French Open has just ended and Wimbledon is here. Not to mention Euro, Formula 1 and the English cricket series. The French Open has always been my favourite grand slam. For one, it had much longer rallies, which make for better viewing. And secondly, it gave me sadistic pleasure to see top ranked players like Sampras, Agassi, Rafter and the likes, struggle against little known names.

~ Talking about tennis, I really don't get how the seeding in women's tennis works or why they even bother having it. Women's seeding is pretty much like the ranks we had in school - never a true reflection of the persons' potential.

~ The other day I was travelling to work and I realised that there isn't one particular thing / hobby that I am extremely passionate about. And that's really sad. A Hindu friend of mine pointed out, that not being passionate is actually a very desirable quality. It shows lack of maya and enhances my chances of escaping the cycle of life and death! Well I guess there are two ways of looking at everything! Reminds me of an IIM interview where I was selling myself like a street walker. At one point in the interview, I mentioned how the fact that I got great scores in all sections shows that I don't have one particular weakness. To which the interviewer replied that it also meant I didn't have any particular strength. #facepalm

~ So my commute to office involves taking a rickshaw from Kanjurmarg station to Powai. Now these rick guys act so pricey when it comes to going to Powai, that I have come up with an ingenious plan. I strike a conversation with every rickshaw driver during my twenty minute ride. Ask his name, dhandha kaisa hai bhaiyya and the likes, hoping that the next time they see me they find it harder to say no!

~ Working is strange in a way. It is the first time in life that I've started something without knowing when it will end. And so when I go to work day in, day out, I begin to think about the purpose of life and all that jazz. But then by the end of the month my bank account is credited and the world is all rosy again.

~ And ya, in case you are wondering what my title is all about, I flicked it from a painting. That is the way paintings sell you know. You paint just about anything, but give it an enigmatic title and people lap it up. Throw in some thunderclouds for good measure.

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