Friday, 11 December 2009

One Fine Day

It was just like you told me it would be. Exactly the same. Right down to the minutest detail. The dry heat, sapping out every bit of one's energy. The endless mountain ranges, with trees outlining them. The narrow lanes, dotted with foreigners. Scores of hawkers, peddling their wares. Puppet shows at every other corner. Tiny little houses, spread out as far as the eye could see. It was just like you told me it would be.

And everything there reminded me of you. School children wearing blazers, more as a necessity. Teenagers cycling together in groups. Pretty girls bargaining hard as if their life depended on it. Everything.

You were right. Udaipur is beautiful. I saw all the places that there were to see. The others were busy clicking pictures. I was collecting memories. And recollecting memories. I visited the lake palace too. And felt the same way that you must have. I have made up my mind to stay there one day. Just like you did. Probably that is where our paths would meet again.

I kept my half of the promise and came. But you just weren't there.

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