Monday, 8 December 2008

Bucket List

Inspired by Dasvidaniya, here is my bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things (normally ten in number) which you would like to do before you 'kick the bucket'. So here is my list, in a very random order:

- Visit Egypt and see the pyramids and sphinx first hand.

- Tandem sky dive from a plane, preferably with a blond, female instructor!

- Participate in the 'Amazing Race'.

- Gamble at Las Vegas (all trappings inclusive).

- Lose 15 pounds. After having lived a very unhealthy and unfit life, I wish to die fit.

- Watch the Champions League Final live at the 'Theatre of Dreams', Old Trafford and see Jose Mourinho lift the Cup!

- Go on a boat ride in the Amazon.

- Be part of the mile high club ;)

- Eat 5 more different kinds of meat!

- Pop the question atop Eiffel Tower :) ;)


Anonymous said...

- Be part of the mile high club ;)

- Eat 5 more different kinds of meat!

That's soooooooo Shawn!!!!

Anonymous said...

eiffel tower really?????
isnt tat tooo predictable to be on your list???

Shawn said...

@ anon 1

My list na, so will be very Shawn :P

@ anon 2

Cause the feeling you get on level 3 of the tower is totally unlike anything I've ever experienced! That's why!

vitruvian said...

Dude...thats some list...
there nothing that can be achieved in the normal course of day at all!!

the list is as crazy and and amazing as its namesake realized by Jack Nicholson and Morgan freeman..

i'm sure u'll actually do the whole thing with aplomb..
will u take me along for a few of the things ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Shawn ....
hmm never thot u cld be remotely romantic... neways cheers dude... diff n pleasantly suprising side of u....

Shawn said...


Alright, now I am totally confused :(
Please identify yourself!

Anonymous said...

'you' are confused now thats a first isnt it :P... neways chill dude... happy bloggin...

Anonymous said...

anyway but aint I right bout both the romantic n the confused bit ???